Family Therapy NJ: Consistent Clinical Care

Mental health is rarely isolated. The people around us will affect or be affected by our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Therefore, clinical treatment should not be isolated either. In order to best help a family or a struggling individual, therapy should be considered for each family member. Read more about Family Therapy NJ below.

Who is Family Therapy for?

Family therapy treats both larger group issues and supports individual needs. In some cases, an entire family will experience a stressful or difficult event. This event may be a relocation, a recent death, parental divorce, and so on.

Family therapy is also an option when one member of the family is experiencing mental health issues that may affect or be affected by their family members.

How does Family Therapy help?

In individual therapy, the client alone receives education, skills, and support. Family therapy is all about making sure that the same information is consistent and clearly communicated to all people involved.

Not only is family therapy helpful in educating all parties, but it also provides an opportunity for improving interpersonal skills between family members and their understanding of each other.

It can be especially beneficial for parents of teens in therapy to engage and participate in their treatment. While therapists will be able to foster a stable and productive environment for their clients during sessions, parents can maintain this at home through the use of similar skills.

At Blueprint Mental Health, we offer education on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to parents, so that they can utilize the skills their children are using in their everyday lives.

Learn more about how parenting affects a child’s mental health here.

Family Therapy NJ at Blueprint Mental Health

At Blueprint Mental Health, we believe in educating parents and family members in the same way that we educate our clients. We provide educational programs for parents as well as community presentations on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

At Blueprint Mental Health, we provide outpatient therapy for individuals experiencing mental health disorders, familial issues, or problems with communication. If your teen is experiencing anxiety, depression, defiance, or other mental and behavioral health issues that are impacting your family, call Blueprint Mental Health at (908) 256-6965. 

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