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At Blueprint, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure you receive the absolute highest quality of care. While most of our clients come to Blueprint for individual therapy, many choose to supplement their individual sessions with some of the other services we offer. Here is a list of all of the services we offer:

Individual Therapy – One-on-one weekly sessions with your own private clinician.

Group Therapy – Blueprint hosts a wide variety of outpatient mental health groups that can be an awesome addition to individual sessions or great just on their own. Come hang with people your age having similar struggles and learn to overcome them together.

Family Therapy – This is not to be confused with a “family session.” In true family therapy, the entire family is the client and there is no one identified patient. This is a great way to work through some communication issues happening in the dynamics of your family.

Parent Coaching – This is awesome for the parents of current clients of Blueprint or someone reaching out for the first time. Here, a Blueprint clinician will work with you as parents on how to create the most efficient environment for helping your son or daughter thrive.

Couples With Kids Therapy – This is kinda self-explanatory but we’ll explain anyway. This service is basically couples counseling but with a focus on how the relationship is impacting the kids AND how the kids are impacting the relationship.

Trauma Therapy & EMDR – EMDR is a research-supported approach to overcoming trauma and PTSD.

ERP (Exposure Response Prevention for OCD) – At Blueprint, we have clinicians specifically trained to help clients struggling with OCD.

Drop-In Parent Consultations – Blueprint offers “drop-in” parent coaching sessions. Here, you can schedule a one-time session with a Blueprint clinician to assess what’s going on with your child based on your reports and get some straight advice on how to be the best support possible. Many folks take advantage of the drop-in sessions while their child is on our waitlist and waiting to be seen. Find out more info, here.

Drop-In Family Sessions/Couple Sessions – Similar to the Drop-In Parent Consultations but for the family or a couple. No need to be a regular client of Blueprint to take advantage of this.

Life Coaching – Some folks maybe aren’t meeting the criteria for a mental health diagnosis but still would like to get some support on life questions from a 3rd party objective person. Life coaching meets this need.

Adult Individual Counseling – While we specialize in children, teens, and “young” adults, some of our clinicians also like to work with adults who might find it difficult to still identify as a “young” adult. A few of our clinicians actually find it refreshing to work with a few older folks and set aside some earlier appointment slots before school lets out.


If you would like to get started or have questions you would like answered, please schedule a free consult call below. You will be contacted at the time you choose by one of our client relations reps, Sam, Nikki, or Deonna. All of these guys know our practice inside and out and will be able to answer all of your questions and pair you with the clinician on OUR TEAM who is the most clinically appropriate for your needs. For more detailed information on what to expect, please visit our How to Get Started page.

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