John and Michele have done presentations and speaking engagements on various topics across the state of NJ. They both have presentations that schools and local community resources have requested, and also can adapt or create a presentation based on the need of the organization or person reaching out. They both have engaged in a handful of round table discussions, staff trainings, and Professional Developments at schools, panel discussions, and professional Q & A experts on current mental health issues and parenting.

Some of John’s include:

  • “Thank You to The Bully”, targeting helping kids cope with adversity and improving resilience.
  • “Parenting In the New Not-So-Normal”- Exactly what it sounds like!
  • “Introduction to DBT” – Best for school personnel or any
  • Speaker for the “ANGST” production at various middle and high schools in NJ
  • Speaker to over 50 schools in NJ for various topics on mental health
  • Numerous NJ School Counselor Association speaking engagements
  • Local YMCA, sporting clubs, and youth organizations

Some of Michele’s include:

  • “Generation Z and Family Therapy”
  • “Building Connection in Families”
  • “The 2020 Family”
  • “Surviving Parenting; How to maintain your sanity and connect with your kids”

Topics Include:

  • Mindfulness and Anxiety
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Social Media and Screen Times
  • Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving
  • *ALMOST* Any Parenting Need


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