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Pictured Above: Sam, Nikki, and Deonna – our Client Relations Team

How to Get Started

The first step to get started with us is to schedule a consult by clicking on the “Book Now” button below. You will be then asked to choose a service that you’re interested in and then a time and day that works for you. At that time, you’ll receive a call from one of our Client Relation Rep’s Sam, Nikki, or Deonna. This call is about 15-20 minutes. Here’s what you can expect for this call.

  1. We’ll get a general sense of what’s going on.
  2. We’ll then assess if outpatient (one hour a week) of therapy is appropriate and if Blueprint can help.
    • We will not just take anyone. If we don’t feel as if weekly outpatient counseling is enough, we will refer you out to another level of care.
    • Sometimes, we might need more information.
    • If we’re on the fence if we’d be the right fit, or if our level of care is appropriate, we might recommend scheduling a more in-depth consult with John or Michele prior to scheduling treatment.
  3. We will provide information about what it’s like to work with us and answer any questions.
  4. If we are a fit, we will then pair you with who we feel is the most clinically appropriate therapist based upon your needs. If we don’t have availability, we will add you to our waist list.

Please note that we will NEVER pair you with a clinician that we don’t feel is a good fit for what you’re struggling with, nor will we accept a client that we feel needs a higher level of care than what we can offer.

*Please note that we do our ABSOLUTE BEST to call you at the time you are scheduled for. We assure you that if there are any delays, it’s due to the nature of our calls/office needs that come up. If there is a delay, it is rarely over 10 minutes.


If you would like to get started or have questions you would like answered, please schedule a free consult call below. You will be contacted at the time you choose by one of our client relations reps, Sam, Nikki, or Deonna. All of these guys know our practice inside and out and will be able to answer all of your questions and pair you with the clinician on OUR TEAM who is the most clinically appropriate for your needs. For more detailed information on what to expect, please visit our How to Get Started page.

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