NJ Adolescent Therapist: What to Expect & What to Ask

Bringing your child to a therapist for first time can be a scary. Perhaps you’re skeptical of the process, or are nervous about introducing your child and his or her problems to a stranger? How does it work? What will they talk about? Does s/he really need help? What if my child doesn’t like their therapist? When looking for a NJ Adolescent Therapist, these questions and more may arise. Asking them is important, and helps to ensure that your child’s sessions are productive, and that you, your child, and his/her therapist are on the same page.

The First Session

During your child’s first session, their therapist will cover a few important areas: the reason s/he is seeking therapy, their symptoms, and a brief personal history. The therapist will likely speak with the adolescent’s parent/guardian to discuss any additional details.

At this point, you may want to discuss any questions, including privacy of information, expectations, and the therapist’s style or approach. How much information will your child’s therapist relay to you? What goals do you and your child have? Will it be traditional talk therapy? What types of therapy will be used? The answers to these questions will be different for each therapist, and provide you with a clearer understanding of their compatibility with your child’s needs.

It’s important to ensure that you and your child feel safe and supported in this new environment. It is not uncommon, however, for your child to initially be hesitant to open up.

Throughout Therapy

As sessions continue, a therapist will gain a better understanding of your child’s symptoms and triggers, and be able to teach them on skills to reduce these symptoms. Your child’s therapist should keep you updated on progress, and be open to discussing any issues that may arise.

Unless otherwise outlined, therapy sessions can continue for as long as you and your child deem them necessary. You may want to stop once you achieve a certain goal, or maybe, therapy sessions become a regular part of your weekly schedule. If you’re unsure when your child should be done with therapy, his/her therapist will be able to make recommendations.

Blueprint Mental Health NJ Adolescent Therapist

Blueprint Mental Health offers warm and compassionate outpatient therapy for teens and adults in need of mental health support. We are able to assist with various issues, including depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Through use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), we work with individuals and their families to help them cope with stressors and achieve their goals.

For more information, call 908-256- 6965 or e-mail info@blueprintmentalhealth.com.

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