ex·tra- /ˈekstrə/ – 1. to a greater extent than usual; especially.
or·di·nar·y- /ˈôrdnˌerē/ – 1. With no special or distinctive features; normal.

“Toto…I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” We get it. The world is constantly changing and counseling needs to evolve to meet the needs of a generation that can hardly be described as “ordinary”. Technology, real-time grading, a lack of real connections, and the skills necessary to deal with these things have created a mental health epidemic. Our Team understands this. We are here to validate how overwhelming and difficult life can be at times, while also challenging you to acknowledge, accept and overcome your obstacles. Sure…you can spend an hour session venting and that might feel good…but what is really being accomplished?  We believe in the balance of acceptance and change. As clinicians, we are here to validate and accept you, while also providing you with the skills necessary to navigate the negative emotions currently driving you to reach out to us at this time.


If you would like to get started or have questions you would like answered, please schedule a free consult call below. You will be contacted at the time you choose by one of our client relations reps, Sam, Nikki, or Deonna. All of these guys know our practice inside and out and will be able to answer all of your questions and pair you with the clinician on OUR TEAM who is the most clinically appropriate for your needs. For more detailed information on what to expect, please visit our How to Get Started page.

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