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No One, No Couple, and No Family is Above Therapy: A Therapist’s 15 Cents on What Mental Health REALLY Means and 15 Tips to Improve it.

By Michele Levin As one of the owners of a Mental Health practice, I’ve spent a lot of time in my head over last month regarding “Mental Health Month”. The world right now is a heavy place. Fact is, we were seeing a spike in depression, anxiety, loneliness, and substance abuse BEFORE the pandemic. Fast […]


Alright, it’s time for us to spill the beans and tell you what all the hype is about. We’ve gotten some wild guesses – a reality show, a dog rescue, a book, and the most common one – a baby. Well, it’s none of those. The only other Mopper’s right now are Toby and Charlie. […]

Mental Health in 500 Words or Less: Perfectionism and the Power of Thinking Small(er)

As someone who consults with lots of people looking to start therapy, perfectionism might be the most common affliction I’ve been hearing as of late – especially amongst school-aged kids. I like author Sharon Martin’s conceptualization of perfectionism as “the quest to be without flaws.” Mental cobwebs lurking deep within the perfectionistic mind include as […]

Notes From Clinical Rounds: On Borderline Personality Disorder, Armchair Diagnosing, & Social Media’s Mental Health Renaissance

Every Wednesday at Blueprint, we lock the doors before appointments start for the day for about an hour or so, and we all gather for clinical rounds. Basically, this is a meeting where we’re all able to discuss and get feedback on challenging scenarios we’re working through with our clients, and any trends we might […]