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Teen Anxiety Treatment NJ: Treating Fear of the Future

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health problems in the US. 1 in 10 teens struggle with an anxiety disorder (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). Fortunately, therapy can help teens to manage symptoms of anxiety. Learn more about anxiety and teen anxiety treatment NJ below. What is anxiety? “At its core, anxiety is simply […]

NJ DBT Therapist: Learning Emotion Regulation

Blueprint Mental Health specializes in Adolescent DBT. If you’re looking for a NJ DBT Therapist for you or your child, call (908) 256-6965 or e-mail info@blueprintmentalhealth.com. Throughout life, we experience events and interactions that make us feel and behave in certain ways. This is typical. For example, a teenager may experience a breakup and cry. Some […]

Teen Depression Treatment NJ

Clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, affects millions of teens nationwide. As the leading mental health disorder in the U.S., 12.5% of teens experience a major depressive episode each year. Through therapeutic and psychiatric intervention, teens can learn to manage their symptoms. Learn more about depression and teen depression treatment NJ below. What is Depression? According […]

Outpatient DBT Skills Training for MOMS

Presents DBT Skills Training for Moms Facilitated by:  John Mopper, LAC Imagine you are getting ready to take off on an airplane…When covering the emergency plan, the stewardess has specific instructions in the case of the cabin losing pressure.  They clearly state that if the oxygen masks drop down and you are traveling with children, […]